“You can’t upload files larger than 25MB” You might have encountered this error message while trying to upload a PDF file using Gmail.

But what if you need to send the file urgently? Maybe it’s important, it’s your resume, it’s your school project? What’s the way out? 

A do not wander too far answer is “Compression”.

If you’re a business owner or an individual who has been tasked with presenting documentation to someone else, there’s a good chance that your job would be easier if the resource was in an optimized PDF file. 

In some cases, you may need to reduce the size of a document so it is less taxing on bandwidth and more feasible to download.

The following guide will present you with 4 easy to use free tools you can use to reduce the size of your PDF files without losing quality and preserving the text.

Listed tools

  • SmallPDF
  • Docupub
  • PrimoPDF
  • 4Dotsfree pdf Compress

#1 Solution: SmallPDF

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality online free

SmallPDF makes it super easy to compress and even edit PDF files without affecting quality. This amazing tool is free to use but can also be upgraded to a paid version in order to gain access to their extensive list of services.

It can be used on both desktop and mobile phone browsers.

How to use SmallPDF?

  • First visit their PDF compressor website here and click on “choose files” on the homepage
  • Select your PDF file and click upload
  • You don’t need to do any thing as the file will be automatically compressed
  • Now, you will be presented two options for downloading, either use the free version which will offer “medium file size and high quality” OR choose the pro version which will offer “Smallest file size and good quality”
  • Go with the free version and click next, you can now download your compressed PDF file to your device

#2 Solution: Docupub

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality online free

Another tool is Docupub, similar to SmallPDF, it is an online file compressor that makes it available to instantly convert and compress various file formats such as DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, and many more.

How to use Docupub?

  • Visit Docupub website here, then Upload the file you want to compress
  • Select presets settings as per your preferences then click the “upload & compress” button
  • On the next screen, click your file to download it onto your device

#3 Solution: iLovePDF

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality online free

iLovePDF is an all-in-one free tool packing features such as merging, splitting, compressing, converting, rotating and even watermarking PDFS.

Every tool you’ll need to work with PDFs is right at your fingertips. All of them are completely free and simple to use!

How to use iLovePDF?

  • Head over to there website here, you will see various tools on the homepage, just clikc on the Compress PDF button
  • On the next step, click on select PDF to upload your PDF file
  • Once it is uploaded, click on the big red compress button
  • The file will be automatically compressed, just click download to save it on your device

#4 Solution: 4Dotsfree pdf Compress

how to reduce pdf file size without losing quality online free

4Dotsfree pdf Compress is a software that can only be installed on desktop devices, if you want an online option without any installation process, then use the other three listed tools.

But in my own opinion, it is the best tool to go for on this list, simply because it doesn’t require an internet connection, does not need Adobe Acrobat software, can reduce PDF file sizes just by right-clicking in Windows Explorer, and most of all, it is free to use.

How to use 4Dotsfree pdf Compress?

  • First click here to visit their official website, download and installed their software
  • Once installed, click on add file to upload your PDF file
  • You will see a settings filter where you can adjust the quality of the file after compressing
  • Once set to your preferences, click on compress and save to your device


These are the 4 absolutely free and effective ways you can use to reduce/compress the size of your PDF files. If you still have any questions, ask away in the comment section.


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