Some years ago, we have to go to malls, shops, trading centers with cash in our hands for daily transactions. 

One cannot just walk into a stall out of a whim without having enough cash in his/her purse. It was basically challenging to serve people who had their money stashed in their debit cards.

And then technology came through for us with the help of POS, offering us a better way to live and making transactions a lot easier. And right now, we can walk into any store of our choice and make transactions like it’s nobody’s business.

Unfortunately, with the rise of technology is also the increase in confusion. We get to see different POS brands, all promising the same thing and we are left wondering the best POS machine to go for, especially in Nigeria.

So, in this article, we will be listing the top 4 best POS machines in Nigeria, before that – Let’s explain briefly what a POS machine is.

What is a POS machine?

In an elementary term, a POS  (Point Of Sale) machine is a terminal or a component of the checkout procedure that processes credit or debit cards and then finalizes the transaction sent through it.

Often it can be an entire terminal with a cash register or even a display monitor. Other times, it could be a device as dainty as a mobile phone.

Funny enough, the term “POS machine” was actually coined from an assumption that a device symbolizes an entire checkout process. 

There are times where generous people are referred to as POS machines. The truth is that modern checkouts comprise so many hardware and software components—something a POS doesn’t have as a unit.

What are the Best POS Machines in Nigeria?

Without wasting any more time, let’s reveal the best POS machines in Nigeria.

1. Opay POS Machine

Best POS Machines in Nigeria

Interestingly, the Opay POS machine is the first machine on our list. This machine is currently the number one mobile money agent in Nigeria.

OPay is an acronym for Opera Pay, a company owned by a group of Chinese investors. This group of people also owns opera mini browser and opera news.

So, if you are looking out for a POS machine that best suits your personal needs, you should go for the OPay POS machine. It is one of the best POS machines in Nigeria.

It costs about ₦20,000 and can readily take card payments with its built-in chip reader, has an easy-to-use interface that makes it an excellent choice for both skilled business owners as well as non-tech-savvy person, and it comes with a one-year warranty just in case you run into problems.

This clearly implies that if anything goes wrong within this period, you still have an opportunity to have it repaired for free. The most astonishing part of all these is that you get lifetime technical support from the company!

2. First Monie POS Machine

Best POS Machines in Nigeria

The First Monie POS machine is the property of the First Bank of Nigeria, a time-tested bank trusted by so many Nigerians.

And since the bank isn’t done being shrewd in business, they actively came up with the best way for customers in unbanked or underbanked areas to handle financial requests without any stress. 

This they did through registered agents and established enterprises using First Bank’s official service, referred to as Firstmonie.

Unlike other POS machines, the First Monie POS machine can open the FirstBank account, withdraw money from any Bank, deposit money, pay bills, enroll for BVN, send money to any bank, and buy airtime.

3. Kudi POS machine

Best POS Machines in Nigeria

Kudi is a fintech firm established in Nigeria that has offered all of its agents the most trustworthy and best services for those who are in need of quick transactions performance on POS devices.

Luckily, Kudi is not only operating in Nigeria. It also has outlets in Ghana and Kenya. Right now, it is swiftly escalating throughout Africa.

Since Nigeria became a country fully running on the cashless policy, Kudi has managed to introduce Agents that will help in making withdrawals and deposits easy with the use of your ATM card.

4. Moniepoint POS machine

Best POS Machines in Nigeria

With the Moniepoint POS machine, your possibilities are limitless. You get yourself an open door of becoming a mobile money agent in your area, offering indispensable monetary services such as cash withdrawal and transfers, and so many others.

Moniepoint is a safe platform that is usually free as long as you are an agent and completely endorsed – you will get access to the low commission, great network uptime, lightning-fast customer support, and many other benefits.

5. Baxi box

the best pos machine in nigeria

Last on this list of best POS machines in Nigeria is Baxi box, legally founded in the year 2012, and a product of Capricorn digital limited.

BaxiBox is yet another payment solution that aims to promote access to financial services to as many people as possible in the most convenient way possible, while simultaneously providing a significant source of income for its agents.

With Baxi box, you can transfer money, deposit payment, purchase data bundle and airtime, pay electricity bills, pay cable TV subscriptions and apply for insurance, the potential opportunities are limitless.


And there you have it!  In case you have plans of going into the POS business, you could readily pick from one of these.

Have any questions on how to obtain any of the POS machines listed here? Kindly use the comment section below.

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