It is not enough to be a pro in programming or code editing when you have no clue the best editors to use. You often need the best text/code editors to bring out your best to the world and make your role a lot easier. 

Text/code editors are to programmers as water is to a tree. Well, you now probably understand the importance of a reliable text editor on your device. 

So, you finally moved from windows operating system to Mac and are totally at a loss for the best text/code editor to use for your next project.

No need to worry about that anymore. This article would help in guiding you to the best text editor for macOS you would ever need in 2021.

Let’s suppose you are a newbie to the programming world and wondering what a text editor is. 

What is a text editor?

A text/code editor is a program on your computer that permits you to create and edit a range of programming language files. In more simplistic terms, this is the place where you write your code! Your Mac computer naturally comes in with a text editor termed TextEdit.

So, why would you want anything else since you already have the TextEdit?

As excited as you may be to discover the TextEdit on your system, you should note that even though TextEdit is open-source and comes pre-installed with macOS, it is limited in functionality compared with other text editors out there.

Best Text Editor for macOS in 2021

Without dissipating any more time, let’s review the 9 best text editor for macOS you probably should be going for in 2021.

1. Sublime Text

Best Text Editor For macOS

If you are looking out for experience and functionality, this is the editor to go for. The Sublime Text flaunts some notable features such as quick shortcuts, split-editing, and a distraction-free writing mode.

It also supports loads of keyboard shortcuts that make your workflow a lot easier. And for just eighty dollars, this excellent editor would be all yours. 

2. Atom

Best Text Editor For macOS

Atom is an absolutely free and highly customizable text editor. Interesting still is the fact that this code editor is packed with valuable features. And thanks to its open-source packages, you can add a lot more.

This software is promoted as a “hackable” text editor since you can customize it. Sadly though, it is pretty sizeable and not a light app.

3. UltraEdit

Best Text Editor For macOS

In case you work with many cumbersome text files, the UltraEdit is probably one of the best Mac text editors for you. This software supports a wide range of languages, from HTML and PHP to Javascript. 

The interface is highly customizable to take in your coding demands. And with a yearly subscription of about 79.95 dollars, you would proudly own one.

4. Brackets

Best Text Editor For macOS

Brackets is a text/code editor designed by Adobe that boasts a helpful “Live Preview” feature. Remarkably, this feature allows you to see any CSS and HTML changes in real-time while you edit.

Another reason you should go for this is that it works really well with other Adobe programs. You indeed don’t have to spend a dime to get this neatly installed.

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5. Visual Studio Code

best text editor for mac programming

We indeed would have an incomplete list if there is no mention of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. The visual studio code includes a terminal and debugger as well as integration with numerous source control tools.

You can also download so many free extensions and packages for added functionality. This software can highlight syntax for over 30 languages, and it is totally free.

6. BBEdit

best text editor for mac programming

No matter how complex your coding project may be, you can trust this text editor to handle it excellently. This wonderful editor is speedy, smooth, and filled with so many convenient features. 

For instance, copying large chunks of texts and opening a new ready-to-work-on BBEdit document is very possible. You can have this for a monthly subscription of 3.99 dollars.

7. Espresso

best text editor for mac programming

As the name advocates, this software will boost your productivity when it comes to text editing. The Espresso editor has an impressive user interface with a three-column view for real-time editing that displays the code editor, files, and the navigator.

You can easily see changes as they reflect immediately in the interface. You get this at a one-time cost of 99 dollars.

8. Komodo Edit

best text editor for mac programming

Whether you are coding in Python, Perl, Ruby, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Komodo IDE is the ideal tool.

The software is entirely free to use and has all the features you may need to get your project done, complete with debugging and testing.

Additionally, you can easily customize this app with plugins and macros.

9. Textmate

best text editor for mac programming

Last on our list for today is TextMate. This editor is a lightweight and minimalist software that is filled with essential project management features.

It works with Xcode and comes with extensive documentation. And like komodo edit, it is also free to use.


If you have yet to use any of this software or already tried it out, let us know of your experience in the comment section.


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