Lucky patcher is an Android tool that provides users with tools and controls to help patch or modify individual applications (Mostly Android games). Lucky Patcher allows users to modify these applications in order to be able to make use of extra features or to save money on in-app purchases and advertisements.

You can use this app to get access to an Android game premium access, remove annoying pop-up ADS, increase your resources such as coins, gems, and money, unlock the strong game characters, bypass hard levels without needing to pay a dime for it.

But still, there are some Android games that are not compatible with Lucky patcher, here in this post, we will list the top 9 best games that works with lucky patcher, read on!

1. Deadly Fight

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

You’ll be wowed by stunning graphics and unique over-the-top action-packed combat moves in Deadly Fight classic mobile. Choose from a variety of fighters and pit yourself against new and improved human-driven AI. You can challenge your friends and other online players around the world in real-time in a private p2p online match.


2. Zombie Squad

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

Make your way through a zombie apocalypse in this driving game. Fire your weapons and annihilate any zombies that cross your path. Get as far as you can while avoiding other cars and obstacles.

In Zombie Squad, you can customize and upgrade your vehicle. Change the weapon or armor on your car to make it unique. In the store, you can also purchase new car models.

In this amazing android game, you must kill all zombies in your path, collect as many coins as you can, and upgrade your ride!


3. Stunt Car Racing

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

In the Stunt Car Arenas, you’ll find multiplayer stunt racing action! To become a stunt driving expert and master each game mode, race and chase your opponents. Upgrade and customize your car with your winnings, or choose to buy new vehicles!

You can drift, jump, and nitro rocket boosts your car around the maps like a stunt driving pro with innovative driving techniques.


4. Street Fighting 2

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

In this game, you will take the role and fight as a stickman equipped with special powers, weapons, and great kicks. You can choose to play solo or online multiplayer.

In a 2D physics world, you can control the ragdoll fighter and attack the head or body of your stickman opponents. To attack vulnerable parts, you must run into the ragdoll while rotating your stickman at the proper angle.


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5. Pocket Troop – Strategy RPG

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

As a Commander, your Mini special soldiers are ready to follow your orders. Pocket Troops is a cartoon mini-army battlefield shooter game in which you must command a gangster mini army of brave and determined soldiers and battle military stronghold bosses.

Create a minion squad of seasoned fighters. Recruit and train a motley crew of soldiers before sending them into battle. Battle with other players and prove who’s in charge of the action.


6. Tower Madness 2

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

The long-awaited sequel to the smash hit tower defense strategy game TowerMadness has arrived. Quick thinking and an arsenal of awesome TD weapons will help you protect your flock. You’ll enjoy this 3D RTS.

In this game, there are astounding features that will undoubtedly assist you further, such as 70 exciting maps to master, 7 campaigns set in various environments, each with its own set of gameplay challenges, and 9 powerful towers, such as the rail gun, missile launcher, plasma gun, and stun gun.


8. Zombie’s Got A Pogo

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

With Zombie’s Got a Pogo, you’ll be able to smash your way into bone-crushing action!

As you hop, bounce, crash, and smash your way through nerve-wracking obstacles, pitfalls, and all sorts of trouble, try to keep your cool!

The objective of this game is simple: avoid collisions while attempting to reach farther than other zombie ragdolls in each new round! It’s an endless jumping game set in a fun but dangerous world with bone-crunching ragdoll physics! Follow the trail of brains and customize your zombie mannequin with collectible items and accessories to rise to the top of the leaderboards!


8. Mad Day – Truck Distance

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

In this epic racer, you must battle the approaching Alien Invasion of Earth in order to save your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy and escape. Mad Day is a game that combines an awesome racing game with an alien shooting game. To defeat the bad guys, upgrade your car, guns, armor, clothing, and more.

As you climb hills and smash through walls, take on the aliens’ lasers and blasters with your own truck’s rocket launcher. Then, with your shotgun in hand, begin running on foot, killing and smashing aliens.

Earn gold coins to upgrade your car and weapons, as well as to purchase boosters, so that you can go further each time and beat your previous and friends’ best distances. Drive off the beaten path and run for your life!


9. Smash Cops Heat

Best Games That Works With Lucky Patcher

Smash Cops Heat, developed by Hutch Game, is another mobile game that can be patched with Lucky Patcher. Smash Cops Heat is one of the best racing games on the AppStore, with thousands of 4-star reviews.

Obviously, over 10 million players are enthralled by the hit action game, which is packed with cool features, bonus missions, and high-speed pursuit vehicles.

It has a variety of features, as you compete to be the best cop in America, taking to the streets and fighting crime in a city rife with it!


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You did not know the Games on these lists can be modded to your likings before, now you know, what are you still waiting for?

Head over to Google play store and download them, mod them with Lucky patcher, start playing and catch fun.

If you have any queries or concerns, comment down below and you will be attended to, consider sharing this article with anyone else who might need the informative piece it contains.


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